Representing the towns of Woodstock, Putnam, Thompson, and Pomfret, the WPTP Junior Football League is a 100% volunteer, a non-profit organization that has provided youth football and cheerleading instruction to the boys and girls in our community since 1978. Our program is designed to provide participants with a safe and enjoyable learning environment. The player’s welfare is always our top priority.

Our league consists of 5 football teams, 1 Flag Team, and 4 Tackle Teams as well as cheerleading squads that accompany each team.

Our Flag Program consists of 5 and 6-year-olds. Coaches are on the field with the teams and we do not keep score. Games are played on Saturdays at our home field, Murphy Park in Putnam.

Our Tackle Program, ages 6 through 13, travels to towns within the Northern CT Football League. The NCFL consists of the towns of Colchester, East Hampton, Ellington, Tolland, Enfield, Stafford, Springfield, Rham, WPTP, and Plainfield. Our season will consist of 4 home games and 4 away games as well as the end of season playoffs and Superbowl.

In an area of limited media, the most important way for us to make our cause known is through word of mouth. We need your help in recruiting, fundraising, and spreading the news about what W.P.T.P. is doing for the youth within our communities.

Once a person joins one of our teams, our priority is to teach them, and build them up

Our Mission

WPTP is dedicated to teaching youth through positive role models. Emphasis is on learning, playing, and enjoying the sport while instilling high moral standards by stressing the importance of academic achievement, highest level of sportsmanship and community involvement. Helping kids become leaders and teammates, WPTP members will learn to both foster confidence and a sense of self-worth that extend beyond the games and practices and into the schools, family and community.


Our Vision

Our vision is to develop our youth to achieve individual success through teamwork, sportsmanship and character building that will guide them both on and off the field and into our community

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